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by William Shakespeare

The Play

Red Bear Theatre are excited to announce that our first production will be “Macbeth”, a much loved Shakespeare classic. “Macbeth” will be the directorial debut for Ben Rayner and Elizabeth Reardon. Ben is delighted to be bringing Shakespeare to Temora, and promises that this dynamic production will be something very special. 

“Macbeth” is set in medieval Scotland and follows the bloody rise to power of a brave Scottish warrior named Macbeth. A witches prophecy predicting that Macbeth will become the King of Scotland, sparks a violent campaign of betrayal and obesession.

Consumed by ambition and spurred to action by his ruthless wife, Macbeth murders King Duncan and claims the Scottish throne for himself. Wracked with guilt and paranoia, Macbeth becomes obsessed with power. He arranges the murder of his friend Banquo to secure his hold on the throne, and calls for the slaughter of the innocent Lady Macduff and her children. Enraged by his family’s murder, the nobleman Macduff unites with Duncan’s son Malcolm and other Scottish nobles to raise a rebellion.

The bloodbath and consequent civil war swiftly take Macbeth and Lady Macbeth into the realms of madness and death as we are left to ponder on the uniqueness of this tragic anti-hero, and the bloody cost of his ambitious lust for power.

Creative Team

  • Writer: William Shakespeare
  • Director: Ben Rayner
  • Associate Director: Elizabeth Reardon
  • Production Manager: Michelle Rayner


  • Ben Rayner - Macbeth
  • Katie John - Lady Macbeth
  • Abigail Moore – Macduff & Captain
  • Jemma Vaughn - Malcolm & Hecate
  • Lizzie West - Banquo & Lady Macduff
  • Robina Moore - Ross
  • Milly Murphy - Lennox & Seyton
  • Marcus Reid – Donalbain, Angus & Young Siward
  • Amali Rayner – First Witch
  • Ali Gray – Second Witch
  • Abbey Rayner – Third Witch, Girl Macduff & Fleance
  • Chelsea Coleman – Servant, Messenger & Third Murderer
  • JoJo Thrippleton – Porter, Gentlewoman & Second Murderer
  • Chris Watson - King Duncan, first Murderer, Siward, Doctor

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